Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steve Charles--Upstair Rooms at Marleborough Gallery

I found this review on posted by Dan Adams.
I think he saw a current James Kalm video, which is a very good video to see.
Charles scuptures are wonderful, lots of color!

When did art become a group effort?
Posted by dan adams on 30 October 2009 at 2:00am

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I Just viewed a video of artist Steven Charles in his studio in New York and HORRAY!! A YOUNG artist speaking out about NOT wanting to use assistants, techno-crap and the like. He wants to paint, to create by himself, and if he fails, SO WHAT, it's his hand that's creating, not 10 assistants (sorry Damien Hurst) carrying out the master's orders. Last night I watched "Art in the 21Century" on KPBS. JEEZ, You had to have a program to figure out who was the artist from all the assistants, hanger-ons and maybe a personel Guru or two. If I had thought that's what being an artist was, I NEVER would have picked up a brush and started to paint...

Thanks Dan.

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