Saturday, June 25, 2016

Plant The Flower And Let It Breathe

To help others use their creative process requires three  main ingredients which are  people, process and place.
One area can’t grow properly without the other.  People will flourish and reach their maximum potential with the creative process if the place is warm and inviting.  Let’s talk about this place.  Creative endeavors need a safe space that is comfortable, positive and inviting for all.  Individuals need a space that is nourishing for the soul and their input matters that’s the healthiest way to serve others.  Often ask the individuals who are painting questions. They are changing and this helps to find out their real needs.  Comfort comes from all the senses.  What they hear, what they see, what they feel and smell are all mixed together to create a space that feels good to all who are creating art.  This is healing.  Maximize your time, money and energy and go for the right space right off the bat. Comfort, inclusiveness and encouraging added to the space will flourish the creative process and this aids in the healing process. Encouraging words will take you and the people you serve on a wonderful journey and the rewards are endless. Plant the flower and let it breathe!  Copyright © RaNae Couture 2016


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