Sunday, November 29, 2015

National Center For Creative Aging

The National Center for Creative Aging is about creative expression and using creative expression within the aging process. The creative process plus aging process will equal a full life with a flourishing spirit.  Flourishing spirit is a flow a movement from within.  A life force that is self- advocating. Different from a life that is not moving forward and not thriving. Moving forward doesn't need to take a lot of physical movement.  Just moving an eyebrow up and down to the beat of the music playing is better then nothing. Give it a name, "The Eyebrow Dance", now find a few friends, show them how to do, The Eyebrow Dance, and there you go!  There might even be a few smiles created along the way.  The National Center for Creative Aging has developed an online tool for caregivers to use to help themselves and the person they are caring for flourish, renew, and grow while they help each other during the aging process.  The creativity is there! Often creativity has just been closed up for so long it just needs a bit of nurturing to get out and bloom.  And the National Center for Creative Aging is there for help!  Location doesn't matter either at home, working in a facility, at a hospital, in a  senior center, any place that has an ipad or a computer.  The creative caregiving tool are creative modules that you select and follow along for about 15 to 30 minutes to complete a creative experience that will bring comfort and love with art, music, dance and poetry. This is a free tool and you can access it through  So keep moving forward no matter what even if it's just with an eyebrow!  Happy painting!

Quiet Sounds, by RaNae Couture, oil on canvas



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