Sunday, November 15, 2015

Starting To Paint

Finding you source image is the first step.  What is a source painting?  A source painting is an image that inspires you.  It's the source that helps your mind tap into your creativity.  This image can be from nature, a book, your imagination, a song, a poem, another painting, a dream, it's endless.  Remember your first painting is finding you inspiration. You become an explorer and this might take a bit of time, no need to rush. Painting is learning to see. This is a skill that is learned and sharpen as you proceed on your journey.  It's all about the journey and not the finished product. Sometimes the journey will never be completed. It's the movement of creativity that matters. The movement of color, lines, sounds, patterns, all working together and each helping the other until the artist decides to move on to another surface.

Perdono, by RaNae Couture, Oil On Canvas, 24 x 36

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