Sunday, November 22, 2015

Education Is The Hot New Leisure Activity

Creative Aging Programming is a growing field.  Creativity helps an individual flourish!  Creativity connects people and gives them a purpose to smile. Creativity is positive, praise and freedom.  Creativity is learning, laughter and love.  Dr. Gene Cohen stated once, "There is no denying the problems that accompany aging.  But what has been universally denied is the potential.  The ultimate expression of potential is creativity."   With the ever increasing number of individuals over the age of 65 the creative aging programming has been born. So join in and never give up and keep on learning something new!  In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a small town named Curtis there is now a huge art center there with concerts, plays, painting classes, and exhibits.  Erickson Center for the Arts is a prime example of what we need more of across the United States.  Nonprofits dedicated to enriching the mind, body and spirit of individuals. The Erickson center provides education, cultural and physical activity classes.  I had an opportunity to visit an art exhibit at the Erickson Center for the Arts this past summer.  The exhibit was works by Scott Leipski, titled, "Raven Rex and other Ceramic Stories."  Scott Leipski has a wonderful imagination and is able to tell stories.  After thirty years of working in retail he decided to pursue his art career full-time.  I'm glad he made that decision! Each piece of his art was full of life, color, excitement, and pure joy.  It's never to late to learn something new. The individuals I saw painting at the Erickson Center for the Arts seemed to be around the age of 55 and older and they painted on canvas with many smiles, conversation and laughter!  The creative process helps the brain to renew and strengthen.  Check out your local art museum and art centers in your area for new and exciting classes to try out! Keep on keeping on!
Fleeting, By RaNae Couture, oil on canvas

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